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Good Health is my Passion!  For many years I've noted the declining health of people around me, the increasing levels of disease, and the atrocities occurring in our food supply. I have wanted to do whatever I could to make a positive difference in the lives of people who are desperate for hope and help.  I became a Health Coach in 2012, and I've been on the lookout for the absolute best supplements to share with those interested in true health.  There are some good products out there, but so many of them just do not actually deliver the results that are promised. 

When I discovered Victory First International's new product, "Prodovite," I immediately tried it, wondering if I would notice any results. Within a few days it was indeed making a big difference in my body, from a wisdom tooth issue clearing up, to better stamina and recovery exercising, to quickly fighting off contagious respiratory infections that other people around me were getting, and which I used to be very susceptible to.

Prodovite provides the body with nutrition it needs in order to heal itself and manifest real health, and with the initial absorption through the mouth membranes, plus surviving the stomach acid to deliver sustained release in the small intestines, the entire body benefits.  It's a cutting-edge Multi-Nutrient, and I'm convinced everyone should experience it for themselves (if under a physician's care, just as with any new regimen or supplement, get their approval...and have them monitor your health improvements!).  

Brain Reward is also phenomenal, helping to calm cravings, lift mood, amplify focus and overall supporting the brain. I've absolutely noted a serious reduction of my decades long sweet tooth desires, and I'm ecstatic about that; yes, even health coaches can have too many sweets and treats!  Brain Reward seems to ease those undeniable addictions.

I'm happy to be a fanatic believer in doing everything possible to give the body what it needs to build, repair, and thrive, because you only get ONE body.

My belief is simple: Prodovite and Brain Reward - if you want the best health you can enjoy, get the BEST nutritional support!  Your body will thank you.

Our Vision

Victory Nutrition International is trying to make the world a healthier place where people reduce their reliance on the health care system with our life changing products. What that means for every individual who uses our proprietary, innovative products is the understanding that it starts with you, then your family, your friends and the global community.

By joining Victory Nutrition you have declared a victory that puts you at the forefront of our powerful technology. VNI's exclusive product technologies create a unique business opportunity for you. The unequaled quality and effectiveness of our products provides an unrivaled opportunity. Our vision is to see you make your personal transformation into a life of improved health and well-being with the least amount of stress and in the least amount of time. We know that when you are at your healthiest you become a light into the world guiding the way for others to join you on the path to seeking their own transformation.

VNI CEO Bill Downs on what Victory Nutrition International means
VNI Vision with Bill Downs CEO

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and celebrate a world with hope and health for all humankind. Our Victory Nutrition products are designed to inspire you to become a beacon of health, hope, and abundance for a lifetime.

VNI What does it mean to be Beacons of Health?
VNI Executives on Not your Stereotypical Network Marketing

Your Opportunity

The Victory Nutrition International (VNI) Career Path is designed to provide individuals with the tools needed to touch people's lives and build your own business all while making your dreams of financial stability a reality. Our Mission Statement declares that our objective is to improve the quality of life and inspire people to become beacons of health, hope, strength, and robustness. Our exclusive Victory Nutrition products provide you with an exclusive opportunity to create a more satisfying and abundant quality of life for you and people whose lives you can touch. Our Career Path exemplifies the opportunity to achieve a success that you may not have imagined possible. A representative can work at their own pace and also build an organization that will help them create a business for short term growth as well as long term growth, stability, and security. With Victory Nutrition you work for yourself yet not by yourself. Victory Nutrition is a combination of generous uni-level commissions and abundantly rewarding bonuses and awards. This means you can start earning income right away with our ample Fast Start Bonus of 30% of the wholesale value of the first qualifying order of 130 or greater by your new enrollee; then begin earning 5% of your commissionable volume (CV) on your first and second levels thereafter. As your organization grows deeper, your income increases as you earn 10% on your third level, right when it is beginning to expand. Representatives that want to build a business improving the quality of peoples' lives will enjoy a robust increase in their income potential from the third level down to their tenth level. Read further to learn more about the Unilevel compensation and our generous Bonus Programs and incentives. The combination of our amazing exclusive products and generous compensation opportunity allows you to keep customers and downline representatives much longer. VNI enjoys less than 1/100th of 1 percent product returns for all reasons combined. That is an unprecedented industry achievement that guarantees your customer a much higher level of product satisfaction. Your potential is limited only by your willingness to help and support people. When you make their dreams come true, your dreams come true.

Compensation Plan

Victory Nutrition International Ranks

Personal Volume 130PV Level Member Rep Manager Executive Manager Director Executive Director Presidential Director Ambassador


Personal Volume (PV) Enrolled 130 PV 130 PV 130 PV 130 PV 130 PV 130 PV 130 PV
Group Volume (GV) NA 375 GV 1,125 GV 4,525 GV 13,575 GV 30,000 GV 75,000 GV 200,100 GV
Personally Enrolled NA 1-2-3* 3 3 4 4 5 5
Rank Requirements
Director Must have 2 legs where each leg contains a minimum of one qualified Manager or higher anywhere in leg
Executive Director Must have 1 leg that contains a qualified Executive Manager or higher anywhere in leg.
Must have 2 legs where each leg contains a minimum of 1 qualified Manager or higher anywhere in leg
Presidential Director Must have 2 legs each having a minimum of one qualified Director or higher anywhere in leg
Must have 1 leg having a minimum of one qualified Manager or higher anywhere in leg
Must have 2 legs with a qualified representative or higher anywhere in leg
Ambassador Must have 1 leg that contains a minimum of 1 qualified Executive Director or higher anywhere in leg
Must have 3 legs where each leg contains a minimum of 1 qualified Director or higher anywhere in leg
Must have 1 leg that contains a minimum of 1 qualified Executive Manager or higher anywhere in the leg

Uni-Level Commissions

Team Commissions Paid on Levels
LV 1   5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
LV 2   5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
LV 3   10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
LV 4     6% 6% 6% 6% 6% 6%
LV 5       6% 6% 6% 6% 6%
LV 6         5% 5% 5% 5%
LV 7           5% 5% 5%
LV 8             3% 3%
LV 9             2% 2%
LV 10               1%

The Representatives rank will be paid up to 3 levels of commission based on the number of personally sponsored people:

  • 1 sponsored - get paid on 1st level
  • 2 sponsored - get paid on 2nd level
  • 3 sponsored - get paid on 3rd level

Representative rank must have $375 in GV in order to be paid Uni-level commissions accordingly. All Representatives that have reached the level of Executive Manager or higher are required to be on monthly product subscription to be paid Uni-level commissions.

Fast Start Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus is a 30% bonus paid to the Sponsor when their newly sponsored Rep places a minimum order of $130 (or more). No Unilevel commission will be paid on the $130.00 (or more) order, yet the amount will count as Group Volume (GV) for the sponsor. Fast start Bonus will not be paid on discount package orders.

Match Award

VNI will match the commission check the month after the Representative has reached the following ranks for the first time: Manager, Executive Manager and Director!

Elite Bonus Pool

The Elite Bonus Pool is comprised of 1% of the Global monthly commissionable value for VNI. No share will pay more than $50,000 per month. The pool is paid out on a pro-rata basis to leaders who meet the following qualifications:
Presidential Director (PD) and above - Once a Rep has qualified for PD and has maintained that position for 3 consecutive months, they then earn one (1) share in the Elite Bonus Pool. If they fall out of qualification they must start the 3 months of qualification over to regain their share.

Rank Maintenance Bonus

Representatives will receive a one-time bonus for maintaining the following ranks for a minimum of 3 consecutive months.

  • Manager $250.00
  • Executive Manager $500.00
  • Director $750.00
  • Executive Director $1,000.00
Victory Bonus

VNI will pay you 10% of the Unilevel commission checks earned by each of your personally sponsored Representatives every month you maintain a minimum $225 Personal Volume (PV).

Achievement Award

For purposes of Commissions, the rank achieved by the end of the calendar month is the rank the Representative will be paid for that entire month. For instance, if the representative entered the month as Manager and by the end of the month they met the qualifications to be Executive Manager, they will earn commissions for that entire month as Executive Manager.


A Founder needs to be qualified as a Manager to receive payments for the Founder’s share.

Map Pool

The MAP ('Montlly Autoship Program') Pool is comprised of 1% of the global commissionable volume of VNI. VNI Representatives that qualify will receive one or more shares in this Pool that will be divided between the number of issued shares. No share will pay more than $50,000 per month.

New Representatives will have 90 days from the 1st of the month following the month they enrolled to participate in the MAP Pool.

As a new Representative, you must have a monthly product subscription (formerly “Auto-ship”) for $130 PV or more and have a minimum of Five (5) Personally Sponsored Representatives who each have a monthly product subscription with a minimum qualifying order of $130 PV. This earns the sponsor Rep one (1) share in the MAP Pool.

Ten (10) personally enrolled Representatives qualifies the Sponsor for TWO (2) shares. Fifteen (15) personally enrolled Reps qualifies the Sponsor for THREE (3) shares and so forth.