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Victor Szczerbinin

Sep 11, 2013

95 years young and feeling great on Prodovite! I would to share a testimonial about my mom who is just about to have her 95th Birthday! I first introduced my mother to Prodovite back in Feb 2013, knowing that having taken Prodovite's prototype some years back and had great results, I knew that this was the ticket to regain my mom's health back as she was suffering from arthritis and having bouts with high Blood Pressure and needed keep my families health going for us! I jumped on the opportunity and purchased a large amount of the product. This time around the product has been improved and is super! My mom, in her earlier year's been a seamstress and had made and designed wedding gowns for a living. However, even with following a good nutritional guideline, eating wholesome organic foods with lots of vegetables, adequately hydrating, in over the years my mom had still developed mild to at times severe arthritis to the point that she could no longer enjoy her passion of sewing. After introducing her to Prodovite, supplementing with this Nutraceutical twice daily; in approx., four to five months, my mom stated that she is feeling better, slowly regaining back her health, having regained proper flexion in her hands, her BP was also returning to normal numbers; and inadvertently had began sewing again! Now by word of mouth, church parisheers now ask her for help by asking for a re-fitting of many of those people's clothes! She now occupies her days, busy again sewing, and always has a smile!

Stacy Weisenburger

Sep 3, 2013

Prior to taking Prodovite my diabetes was controlling my life. Father's day 2010 I was taken to emergency and hospitalized for 5 days. I left on the fifth day an insulin dependent diabetic. I found by the time my work day was done so was I. I would go home and instead of playing with my 2 boys and enjoying spending time with my wife, I had to lay down. I was exhausted. I spent day after day feeling physically and mentally drained. I had no energy. I was always tired. Diabetes was winning. Spring and summer brought on my seasonal allergies and added to my misery. I felt like a burden to my wife and I was deeply disappointed that I couldn't do things with my young boys. My life changed when Prodovite came. The first thing I noticed after taking Prodovite was that I had more energy, it was like I could feel it in my veins. Now when I come home I spend time with my family and instead of feeling exhausted I feel alive. I have been able to decrease both of my diabetes medications and I am no longer plagued with extreme seasonal allergies. My marriage is renewed because I am better, I no longer feel like a burden to my wife. I feel like I'm the dad I so badly wanted to be.

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