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Brandon Talbot

Jun 9, 2015

My name is Brandon Talbot and I work as the Director of Training at Athletic Republic in Park City. I just wanted to say thank you for sending a bottle over. I gotta say I've been involved in the supplement/vitamin industry for quite some time and I'm a professional athlete (Beach volleyball and Bobsled driver) and In the ten years of taking almost every conceivable product for performance and health, I've only supported three products. Three out of the thousands. With Prodovite, I felt an immediate boost of energy after about five minutes after taking it. I felt much, much cleaner. I just wish I wasn't working so I could dose it like it's meant to be. But I just wanted to say congrats on creating a product that actually works. Nice Job!


Brandon Talbot
Director of Training
Athletic Republic Headquarters
Park City, UT

Donna Morrow

May 5, 2015

My Prodovite Experience with Double Diabetic Foot Ulcers

It all started July 2012 with a callus that formed on the bottom of my left foot from walking. My podiatrist cautiously shaved it down but by early December 2012 a small wound opened up which was the beginning of months of serious medical care and threats of amputation. Through that lesion, an infection entered which turned out to be Streptococcus. In a few days the bacteria traveled from the sole of my foot and erupted out the top surface as a huge abscess! My entire foot was swollen and very red. Fortunately I was admitted to a large medical center that had all of my medical records. I was in isolation (ICU) when the infection came to a head (in my foot) and spread throughout my entire body. The blood work which was taken at the time of admission and the following weeks revealed that I was malnourished - this was shocking to me.

After ten days in the hospital, I was discharged, although weak and with an antibiotic PICC line in my arm. Tests revealed the infection had gone into my bone, causing osteomyelitis. Visiting nurses came often. Initially, I did not have to dress the wound and did not want to see it or take pictures. The looks on their faces was enough. The photographs submitted were near the end of January 2013 when my podiatrist/surgeon said it would not heal unless they put grafts on them. I actually had three different grafts done on the top of the foot and one on the bottom. The doctors told me not to walk on that foot which is difficult in a three story house and constant trips to the medical center. Water was not permitted to touch the wounds for months. While antibiotics continued for ten weeks I was still being warned that I could lose my foot. Having type 1 brittle Diabetes for 54 years is the cause of my poor circulation and peripheral nerve damage even though generally my blood sugars are fairly well managed.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments were done to push 100% oxygen into the cells of my foot. During the process my eardrum membranes were ruptured by the high pressure. After 60 treatments the foot wounds still were not closed even though there was measured improvement. Bill Downs has shared that my body may not have been able to uptake the needed oxygen they provided me. That brings us to approximately January of 2014. Dr. Pat Salvitti had been telling me about the precursor to Prodovite which at that time was not affordable for me after being out of work for so long.

During the 3rd week of February she gave me some Prodovite of which I took one ounce, two times a day, as well as dabbed it into my wounds both top and bottom of my left foot. My podiatrist witnessed both wounds healing at a much more rapid pace. By the beginning of April 2014 my foot was finally healed. To this day, I still rub Prodovite on both feet twice daily to keep the skin healthy. My doctors are amazed how healthy my feet look and acknowledge the major role that Prodovite played in the healing process.

Jennifer Meador

Dec 21, 2013

I started using Prodovite November 7, 2013. I wasn't sure what to expect - as a Health Coach, I choose to eat very healthy food every day, but I'm still a huge believer in supplementation due to our modern deficient, artificial and processed food supply, which can make healthy eating a big challenge! I'm also very particular as to what I take, and do my best to search out and select only top quality products, because you do get what you pay for.

I used the Prodovite for several days, and then realized that a wisdom tooth issue, which had been bothering me for quite awhile, was no longer hurting me after eating, whereas before, food would be caught between gum and tooth and really irritate until I brushed and flossed, and sometimes pain persisted even then, yet without having done anything else different (other than taking Prodovite), the discomfort and inflammation was no longer present. I knew that a trip to the dentist likely meant having the tooth pulled, and since I prefer to keep all my teeth as long as possible, I had kept putting off that visit! I am glad I did, and that the Prodovite formula made a beneficial change in my mouth which allowed the problem to heal on its own.

Over the next week or so, I also noticed that when I worked out (30 minutes/day of varied exercising); I had more stamina and felt faster recovery. I knew that the Prodovite formula was truly facilitating good things to happen in my mouth, and also throughout my whole body.

Additionally, I shared the Prodovite with my teenage daughter, who was coming down with a nasty cold sickness going around, and she was over that very quickly, no OTC drugs, or doctor visit either (thank goodness!), and I have not gotten it myself, though I have been around her a lot, even in long car rides.

Ed Bender

Nov 10, 2013

I was amazed at how great it tastes! Prodovite helped me with my energy level and made me feel good. It is amazing how much energy I have on this product. I also have lung issues and now I am breathing better taking Prodovite. I could not make it through the day without this product.

Alicia Glaser | ER Nurse, Triathelete

Sep 14, 2013

I am achieving higher performance in my workouts than I have in 30 years with Prodovite!

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